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A.J. (Joe) Decaria

Mr. Decaria is an Enrolled Agent (EA), a federally authorized tax practitioner empowered by the U. S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers at all administrative levels within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Arizona State University. He held a license as a CPA in Arizona, but did not seek reciprocity when he moved to Nevada.   He spent 37 years with IRS, at various times assigned to Ogden, Utah; Phoenix, Arizona and both Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada. He worked as a revenue agent and group manager, before retiring in 2007 to pursue a second career representing taxpayers who are involved in IRS controversies.

While with IRS, Mr. Decaria audited individuals, partnerships and corporations of all complexities, developing a considerable level of expertise in auditing and in tax law. His skills as an agent included auditing income taxes, employment taxes and excise taxes. He also became proficient in investigating abusive tax schemes and in applying promoter and preparer penalties and seeking injunctions when they were appropriate. He worked closely with IRS Criminal Investigation and was an IRS expert witness in criminal tax cases. As a manager, he supervised IRS agents who audited income taxes, employment taxes and estate and gift taxes, and spent the last three years of his career managing a group of agents whose mission was to close down abusive schemes.   In the course of his IRS career, he taught more than 30 income tax courses to IRS employees as part of their various levels of formal training. He also taught skill improvement courses, specifically in the area of discovering and developing unreported income issues.

After retiring, Mr. Decaria worked for two years for a Las Vegas CPA firm. While with the firm, he provided various accounting and tax services, but for the most part engaged in representing taxpayers in IRS controversies. He left the firm in 2009, and has been engaged in his own representation business, helping his clients manage a wide variety of tax controversy cases, from audit to a variety of collection issues at both the administrative and appeals levels. The IRS provided him with a wide range of skills that are useful in dealing with client issues, and he continually expands those skills through practice and through continuing education courses. One of the benefits that he provides to his clients is that he is familiar with IRS processes and procedures from inside and outside the IRS. He can be counted on to develop strategies that help his clients resolve even the most complex of issues.